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North American Stone Skipping Association (NASSA)

Founded by: Jerdone (Jerry) McGhee, 1989


Authored by Jerdone (Jerry) McGhee
Guinness World Recordholder 1988 - 2003

The current claim for the new Guinness world record is 51 skips. (by Russ Byers)

 Jerdone's 38 skip World Record is the last Officially sanctioned World Record. NASSA in no way recognizes records of 40 or more skips very simply because you CANNOT count the skips from the videos presented as evidence.

NASSA encourages 'new' records, but the records cannot be just guesses at the number of skips. NONE of the footage NASSA has seen verifies the number of skips claimed by either of the new recordholders. NONE! If other footage exists, then show it to us at NASSA. Both new record claims are terrific skips, no doubt, and we offer full congratuations, however NASSA feels that the Guinness Record Guidelines as written and distributed by the Guinness Bood of Records should be up held and followed as written by them.

AARP Magazine article on things grandparents can do with their grandchildren. They selected 10 people to 'profile' with their ideas. The list even included the Dali Lama! AARP Magazine What an honor!
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BBC-TV in Texas, July, 97 to film Record Breakers show. See pics.
Austin American Statesman Newspaper Article - April, 97
NASSA was reviewed in the March, 96 issue of; Wired Magazine !!!
Cool illustrated article in, KIJK, Dutch Science Magazine.
Blurb in June, 97, issue of Men's Health Magazine
Article in August, 2000, Ladies' Home Journal

NASSA was founded in 1989, to organize and oversee the 1st World Stone Skipping Championships, and establish a meeting 'place' for persons of ALL ages and ALL levels of stone skipping ability who share a common interest in this ancient recreation, and now organized sport.
NASSA believes that stone skipping is a uniquely ancient activity, that touches 'something' very special in those participating. NASSA actively promotes and encourages stone skipping as a 'natural' non-competitive recreation, and as an internationally standardized competitive sport. NASSA is continually designing programs for various groups of individuals like summer camps, church groups, handicapped and disadvantaged groups, scouting groups, clubs, and corporations.

I captured some video stills on this skipping PHOTO ALBUM PAGE. (37k) Included is a still from the actual video footage of the newest world record skip. Check it out !

Making Eco-Stones(tm) at Rocky River Ranch Camp for Girls

  • Jerdone's Stone Skipping Home Page
    My home page.
  • Guinness Skipping World Record Page
    How to challenge the Guinness stone skipping record.

  • Some Stone Skipping Trivia - Did You Know.........

    - The very first NASSA World Stone Skipping Overall World Champion was a 22 year old female with 23 skips.
    - Shakespeare wrote about skipping stones in the original version of Henry V.
    - Washington actually attempted to skip that silver dollar across the Potomac River.
    - Homer, the ancient Greek writer, knew about skipping stones and told of a shield skipping challenge between Jason and Hercules.
    - There is an 'American' word which means to skip stones, 'DAP'.
    - One of the most famous British aeronautical engineers, Sir Barnes Wallis, of The DamBusters fame, conceived of many of his ideas while skipping with his grandchildren.
    - In 1957, a query about how a stone skips, printed in the 'Amateur Scientist' column in, Scientific American, received over 10,000 responses from readers.
    - Many of the key formulas for how a stone skips are 'CLASSIFIED', by both the American and the British governments!
    - In England, stone skipping is known as, 'ducks and drakes', and nobody seems to know exactly why. (I have it traced to the 12th century in England, so far.)
    - In France, stone skipping is known as, 'ricochet', in Ireland as, 'stone skiffing', in Denmark as, 'smutting'. EVERY language I have accessed has a unique word or term for skipping stones from Hindi to Russian to Chinese. (if you know one send it in)

    I am hoping that these pages will bring you a smile and perhaps remind you of a special time you had on a stone skipping shoreline.

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